Product Details

Sleeping Bag Design Features

Along with quality materials and workmanship, our design features set our sleeping bags apart from all others. Our hood openings are more contoured in shape so that even at rest the sides of the hood lie closer to your face. We build the differential into our mummy bags so that the shell fabric “breaks” to create better loft across the width of the bags. The V-Block Side Baffle found in our winter bags ensures positive down control on the top, bottom and along the sides of the bag. Our ExtremeLite™ bags use the newest, most compressible and lightest weight fabrics available. All of these design features are intended to give you a well functioning bag that will last a long time.


About our Products

With over 30 bags to choose from we have made it easier for you to choose the best fitting bag. Start by judging your body size, or what kind of room you need to stay comfortable throughout the night. Our wide cut semi-rectangular bags are named after North American Forest Trees. This is the choice for people needing lots of room regardless of weight. Some of these bags feature hoods. Our wide cut mummy bags run 62” to 66” in shoulder girth and are named after North American Mammals. This is the standard cut bag for most lightweight mountaineering. We also have a series of narrow cut mummy bags and they are named after our North American Indian Tribes and Nations. These bags provide the most savings in weight and are the most temperature efficient. They are extremely compressible, making them easier to carry around. Our ExtremeLite™ bags are easily identified by the suffix “Lite”. These are the lightest weight bags available and are meant for those activities when extreme compressibility and weight are an issue.

Reverse Differential Hood

Our hoods are cut so that the inside of the hood is made with a larger piece of fabric than the outside. This creates a hood with loose down filled fabric which surrounds your head. That way you can enjoy warm insulation around your head and face without having to cinch the hood tight. Also, the extra fabric can be adjusted to create a down filled ruff or bill across your forehead.

Differential Cut

Mummy bags are made with an inner shell fabric cut narrower than the outer shell. This is called differential. Its purpose is to give the inner shell a smaller circumference than the outer shell. This eliminates extra fabric inside the bag that could lead to cold spots. Most of our mummy bags are differentially cut to promote proper lofting and to protect against down compression when knees or elbows push against the inner fabric. Semi rectangular bags are not cut this way so that they can be unzipped to lay flat.

Continuous Baffles

A 3-season bag needs to serve in a wide range of temperatures. You will expect it to provide comfort during the heat of summer through the cooler temperatures of fall or early spring. To ensure a broad temperature range we build our 2 and 3-season bags with continuous baffles which encircle the bag from zipper to zipper. This allows you to shift the down insulation from one side of the bag to the other. During hot summer nights, you could shift the down from the top of the bag to the bottom so there is less insulation on top of you. When the weather is cold, you can move the down to the top of the bag. Just open the bag flat and push the down with your hands from one side to the other. This adjustment allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your bag. We sew continuous baffle bags with 5 1/4″ baffle spacing so that unintended down migration during the night is kept to a minimum. Our continuous baffles are fixed to the material in a “slant box” configuration because it provides the best distribution of down across the width of the bag given the differential cut.