How do I wash my Western Mountaineering product?
Can I get my gear professionally washed?
How do I keep my bag clean during use? / How do I avoid down clumping due to dirt and moisture?
How often should I wash my bag?
How do I remove specific stains?

Storage & Care

What is the best way to store a down bag when I am not using it (should I hang it or keep it in the storage bag?)
Will my bag be ruined if I keep it compressed?
My shell doesn’t bead water like it use to. What’s wrong?


How do I get my gear repaired?
What is covered under warranty?
How do I fix zipper problems?
Can I repair small tears myself?
How much do repairs cost?


Do you do custom work?
What does overfill do/how do I get overfill?
Does Western Mountaineering do alterations?
Can I get my bag in a different/custom color?

Technical Details & Performance

Why isn’t Western Mountaineering using hydrophobic down in any products?
Does WM use ethical down?
What’s the difference between Extremelite/Microfiber/Gore WindStopper? What should I choose?
What loft power do you use?
What bags can couple/how do I couple bags?
How small of a stuff sack/compression sack can I get and what is the best way to stuff it?
How do continuous baffles work?
How accurate are Western Mountaineering temperature ratings? Do you use EN rating?

Other Questions

What size bag should I get for my height/build?
What are the requirements for becoming a Western Mountaineering Dealer?
I don’t see any “buy now” buttons for the products featured on your website. Can I buy products directly from the Western Mountaineering factory?