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Alder MF
Alder MF

See Explantion
  • 5 1/4" Spacing/Continuous Baffles
  • 5" Loft, 25° F
  • 62"/ 4 6" Shoulder /Foot Girth
  • 16 oz. Down Fill
  • Zips to Summer Coupler
  • 1 lb. 15 oz. Total Weight

For those mild nights when counting shooting stars is all you have to do, then the semi-rectangular Alder MF is your bag of choice! Roomy enough for comfort and warm enough so you won't wake with a chill before dawn. This bag has a 62" shoulder girth and 46" at the foot. The Alder MF has a zipper along the side so that it can mate with mummy bags and a zipper around the foot so that it can be opened flat as a comforter or zipped to our Summer Coupler to be a sleep for two. This bag was formerly known as the "Aspen MF". Nothing about the bag has changed except the name.

Shape Size
Rating Loft
Inside Girth
shdr/hip/foot (in)
Fill Wt. Total Wt. Stuff size
Sac Size
Semi Rec 6'0" 25° F 5" 62"/59"/46" 16 oz 1 lb 15 oz 7 x 13 XS
  6'6" 25° F 5" 62"/59"/46" 18 oz 2 lb 1 oz 7 x 13 XS
Shape Size
Rating Loft (cm) Inside Girth
Fill Wt. Total Wt. Stuff size (cm) Sac Size
Semi Rec 180 -4°C 12.5 157/150/117 455 g 880 g 18 x 33 XS
  200 -4°C 12.5 157/150/117 510 g 935 g 18 x 33 XS

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